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SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. - A regular meeting of the Sault Tribe Board of Directors will be held at the Kewadin Shores Casino in St. Ignace starting at 6 p.m. on June 1. The meeting will be preceded by "Matters Raised by the Membership" from 4 to 6 p.m.

Resolutions on the agenda are: Head Start Supplement; Head Start /Early Head COLA; Indian Housing Plan Amendment #1; ICDBG - HUD, ICDBG - 24 CFR Requirement; Opposing Senate Bill 39, Rescinding Res. 2016-97-Video Conferencing; Shutting Down of Enbridge Line 5; Proclamation Honoring Director Abramson; Amending Ch. 94: Kewadin Authority Charter; Amending Ch. 21: Inland Fishing and Hunting; Amending Ch. 96: Open Meetings Act; Amending Ch. 10: Election Ordinance; Directing Legal Dept. Constitutional Amendments; Auth Chair to Enter Construction Contract for Epoufette; Budget: MEDC Epoufette Harbor, MEDC Grand Marais Dock, Sponsorships, Planning/Development and Indirect, Am Indian Sub Abuse, Purchased and Referred Care, Good Health and Wellness Indian Country, Partnerships to Improve Community Health, IHS Special Diabetes, IHS Healthy Heart, Health Center Administration and St. Ignace Clinic.

Under New Business, the board will consider a Committee Request, Criminal Code Changes, Savings from Vacant Unit 5 Seat Budget Mod, Escanaba Meeting, and a Key Employee Issue.

June 1 Meeting Resolutions.pdf

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. — Unofficial results are in for the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Primary Election for the Sault Tribe Board of Directors. All incumbents running for office in this election will move forward in the General Election. From a field of four in the chairperson's race, two candidates will move forward to the General Election, and they will be incumbent Aaron A. Payment with 3,193 votes and Unit 3 Director Keith Massaway with 2,073 votes.

The deadline for contests related to the vote count is May 23. There are five voting units across the Sault Tribe's seven-county service area in Michigan's Eastern Upper Peninsula for a total of 10 board seats. The chairperson is elected by all the tribe's registered voters. The unit directors' four-year terms are staggered so that approximately half the board seats are up for election every two years.

There were 15 candidates vying for three Unit 1 seats and only six will progress to the General Election. Unit 1 Director Cathy Abramson announced her retirement, opening a seat for a new director. Incumbents Dennis McKelvie and Jennifer McLeod Tyson move forward with 965 and 683 votes respectively, along with Michael McKerchie with 912 votes, Angeline Boulley with 663, Betty Freiheit, 645, and Nichole Causley with 628 votes.

Unit 2 incumbent Lana Causley was unopposed and is deemed elected.

In Unit 3, incumbent Bridgett Sorenson, with 854 votes, opposes Ilene Moses, who garnered 322 votes.

In Unit 4, incumbent Darcy Morrow (405 votes) will face Krystal Goudreau (210 votes) in the general election.

In Unit 5, Anita Nelson with 183 votes will face Charles Matson, who had 179 votes. Unit 5 is a special advisory election to replace removed director, Rita Glyptis, for the remainder of her term, which expires in 2018.

General Election Day is June 23. Tribal members can read general election candidates' platforms in Win Awenen Nisitotung's upcoming issue, available online May 27 and in mailboxes June 3. Ballots will be mailed to Sault Tribe registered voters June 1.

Unofficial results in alphabetical order are:

Charles Forgrave, 262
Keith Massaway, 2073
Thomas Miller, 763
Aaron A. Payment, 3193

Unit 1 (Sault Ste. Marie area)
Angeline Boulley, 663
Nichole Causley, 628
Charles Cook Sr., 411
Angela Declue, 254
Betty Freiheit, 645
Janice Frye, 321
Samuel Gardner Jr., 344
Janet Liedel, 270
Jennifer McLeod Tyson, 683
Michael McKerchie, 912
Dennis McKelvie, 965
George Parish, 526
Maureen "Sue" Pavlat, 318
Helen Wilkins, 280
Barbara Willis, 422

Unit 2 (Hessel area)
Lana Causley was unopposed.

Unit 3 (St. Ignace area)
Ilene Moses, 322
Bridgett Sorenson, 854
Bonnie Woodford Culfa, 197

Unit 4 (Manistique area)
Krystal Goudreau, 210
Darcy Morrow, 405
Gerald Winberg Sr., 166

Unit 5 (Munising area)
Tyler LaPlaunt, 80
Charles Matson Sr. 179
Anita Nelson, 183
Boyd Snyder, 78

The following has been published by the Election Committee pursuant to the Election Ordinance:

Complainant: Janet Liedel
Respondent: Angela Declue
May 5, 2016

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. - A regular meeting of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe Board of Directors will be held at the Snowmobile Museum in Naubinway, Mich., beginning at 6 p.m. The meeting will be preceded by "Matters Raised by the Membership" from 4 to 6 p.m.

Resolutions on the agenda are: a Partial Waiver; Contract - Steward & Sheridan; Compensation of Appellate Court Judges; Appointment of Appellate Judge - Wichtman; Appointment of Chief Judge - Wichtman; Appointment of Reserve Appellate Judge -Hautamaki; Appointment of Reserve Appellate Judge – Kronk-Warner; MEDC Grant Frazier Dock - Waiver; Huntington National Bank Agreement - Waiver; and budget resolutions SIE - Enhancement Acceptance of Grant; MEDC 3 Mile Project; GLRI Tribal Initiative; Culture Camp; Health Center X-Ray; and PHN, Newberry and Escanaba Clinics.

Under New Business, the board will consider a committee request.

May 17 Meeting Resolutions.pdf

The following committees have vacant seats. Sault Tribe members interested in filling these vacancies should submit one letter of intent and three letters of recommendation from other members to Joanne Carr/Linda Grossett, 523 Ashmun Street, Sault Ste. Marie. Call 906-635-6050 for any questions.

•Anishinaabe Cultural Committee - Three vacancies (men, four-year term)
•Health Board - One vacancy (four-year term)
•Inland Conservation Committee - Two vacancies (four-year term)
•Election Committee - Two vacancies (four-year term)
•Special Needs/Enrollment Committee - Six vacancies (two-year term)
•Child Welfare Committee  - Four vacancies (four-year term)
•Unit I Sault Elders Subcommittee - Two alternates (one four-year term and one two-year term)
•Unit II Hessel Elders Subcommittee -Two regular seat vacancies, one alternate (four-year term)
•Unit II Newberry Elders Subcommittee - One regular seat vacancy, one alternate (four-year term)
•Unit II Naubinway Elders Subcommittee- One alternate (four-year term)
•Unit IV Manistique Elders Subcommittee - One regular seat vacancy, one alternate (four-year term)
•Unit V Munising Elders Subcommittee - Two alternate (four-year term)
•Unit V Marquette Elders Subcommittee - One regular seat vacancy, one alternate (four-year term)

The Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians presents Olympic Champion Billy Mills May 12, 6-8 p.m., at the LSSU Fine Arts Center. The Public is Invited to Attend!

Hear Billy's inspirational story, as the only American ever to win gold in the Olympic 10k event. Billy Mills was the inspiration for the movie "Running Brave," starring Robbie Benson, the story of Mills' life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and the obstacles he overcame to become an Olympic champion. At the 1964 Olympics, Mills came from behind to win the gold medal in the 10k race, setting a world record of 28 minutes, 24.4 seconds. In 2014, Mills celebrated the 50th anniversary of his gold medal win by founding Dreamstarter, a grant program to jump start the dreams of Native youth.

Billy Mills Evening.pdf

On Page 8 of the April 29, 2016, issue of Win Awenen Nisitotung, Unit III Board Candidate Bonnie Culfa's profile should have begun with:

"Aanii, Boozhoo, Waubishkauh miisheekaehn n'dishnakas, my grandmother Lucielle Martell Muscoe-Ainse named me White Snapping-Turtle.

"I am not a politician, my job is to serve and I have always chosen a career path to serve. My family and I have always been working tribal members, proud of our heritage, including my mother: Philma Woodford- Mattox-Leazier who worked until age 88 selling Avon and boat tickets to Mackinac Island."

Please see Page 8 of the April 29, 2016, issue of Win Awenen Nisitotung (http://www.saulttribe.com/newsroom/sault-tribe-newspaper/recreation-download-files?folder=2016) to read Culfa's profile along with other Unit III candidates Ilene Moses and incumbent Bridgett Sorenson.

Win Awenen Nisitotung regrets the error.

All Health Centers and Governmental Offices of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians will be closed Friday, May 13, 2016, in Observance of American Indian Day, and will reopen Monday, May 16.

SAULT STE. MARIE, Mich. - A regular meeting of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians Board of Directors will be held at Kewadin Casino starting at 6 p.m. on May 3. The meeting will be preceded by "Matters Raised by the Membership" from 4 to 6 p.m.

Resolutions on the agenda are: 2016 Head Start and Early Head Start Grant; Michigan Indians Elders Association Tribal Elders Appointment; Support for CORA funding request to BIA for dockside inspection training; Oscar Larson Contract; Budget: GLRI American Marten establishment of a budget, Transportation Budget Modification, Governmental - Motorized Door Openings Budget Modification; Establishing Minimum Wage Tipped Positions; Wage Compression - Longevity; Est. New Wage Grids - Tipped Positions -(2); Amending Chapter 11: Membership Code - Cards; Unit V Seat; 2 Percent Agreement Sault Schools; Clarifying Management of Kewadin Casinos / Accurate Accounting of Casino Revenues; Authorizing Board Administrative Staff to Assist Election Committee; Establishing Unit VI Service Area/Unit VI Director/At Large Director; Amend Constitution - Separation of Powers Doctrine; and Amend Constitution - Bill of Rights.

Under New Business, the board will hear a Committee Request and CEO Interviews.

May 3 Meeting Resolutions.pdf

Sault Tribe Chairperson Aaron Payment was invited to be a TED speaker at the annual CDC TedMed talks Nov. 12, 2015, at the US HHS Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Ga. His talk was about his in depth research into historical trauma in our tribal communities. TedMed is the independently owned and operated health and medicine edition of the world-famous TED conference, dedicated to "ideas worth spreading." TED Talks have been viewed online over 2 billion times around the world.

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