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Program Objective

General Assistance benefits provide temporary financial assistance for basic living necessities.

Eligibility criteria includes: Sault Tribe membership, residency in the seven-county service area and monthly income must be below the monthly cash benefit. This program services adults without minor children in the home.

Applications are not available online as the tribal member in need must meet be assessed by Direct Assistance Case Manager to determine goals to become self-sufficient.

To determine your eligibility you will need to verify:

  • Proof of tribal membership with Sault Tribe
  • Proof of residency within the seven-county service area
  • Proof of income (current income and last income received)
  • Proof of shelter obligation (if applicable)

For more information about the General Assistance (GA) program, call the Direct Assistance Case Manager in your area or call 800‑726‑0093.

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