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Youth Education & Activities (YEA) consists of three components—academic, cultural and leadership—along with other services such as transportation. Priority is given to enrolled members of the Sault Ste. Marie Tribe attending classes full-time in grades Head Start through 12th grade. Some activities require that we open eligibility to the entire community. Most activities are free, especially to low-income families.


In-school tutoring; homework lab; computer lab; college information night; assistance with SAT/ACT prep classes, campus visits and career days; family math and science; peer tutoring; assistance for school trips and career camps; school supplies for low income families; senior recognition banquets and gifts; and multi-media classes and projects (working with video/digital cameras and developing public service announcements).


Regalia classes; dance demonstration/instruction; trips to pow wows, spiritual gatherings, drum socials and sweat lodges; story telling; craft classes including basket making, beading, glove/moccasin construction; classroom presentations; access to Ojibwe language classes; teachings in language, traditional plants and medicines, four colors, four directions, seven grandfathers; Circle of Life summer program; opportunities to attend Culture Camp activities such as hand drum tying, winter survival, sugar bush, cradle board; elder teachings; community cultural presentations; and on-site cultural libraries and resources.


Tribal Youth Council; community service projects; Teen Court; and opportunities to plan and participate in conferences such as the TYC Youth Leadership Conference and UNITY.


Transportation for non-program activities that benefit tribal youth.

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