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The unofficial results of the Sault Tribe Primary Election are as follows:

DJ Hoffman-1875
Austin Lowes (incumbent)-3811

Lorrie Jump-1555

Unit I
Betty Freiheit (incumbent)-1239
Kim Gravelle-937
Mike Lumsden-759
Mike McKerchie (incumbent)-1043
Joanne Pavlat-Carr-802
Aaron Payment-1326

Frederick Carr III-346
Lorrie Jump-585
Chloe Kannan-690
Mary McLean-403

Unit II
Lana Causley Smith (incumbent)-532
Dean Hyslop Sr.-105

Monica Cady-81

John Rickley-442
Bridgett Sorenson (incumbent)-845

Todd Preseau II-139

Uncertified List of Candidates

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY