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Sharon Hovie and her family would like to thank and acknowledge the following people for playing such an integral role in making her benefit fundraiser such a successful event.

Close friend and co-worker, Barbara Parker, who organized the event and worked tirelessly for weeks to pull it all together. Tahneal Willis who was her mother, Barb’s helper during the whole process. Josh Biron, Bud Biron, Kim Gravelle and Michael McKerchie for being strong spiritual leaders and rolling up their sleeves to help out in the kitchen. Close family friends, Mikki Messer, Karla McLeod, Karen Gorenflo, Violet Patton and Jen Roy for working the benefit and cleaning up afterwards. Family members Dawn Hovie and Jessie Bearden, who baked many of the bake sale goods and brought beautiful baskets and blankets for the silent auction.

The benefit was very successful and thank you to everyone who helped us sell out of food. We believe that was possible because of your kindness and generosity and it’s a true testament of the love that Sharon has put out into the community coming back full circle to support her and her family during this time of need.

Thank you to everyone who donated silent auction items, bake sale goods, money, supplies and food. Thank you to others who wrote cards and notes and those who stopped by to share stories and offer help.

So many people from our tribe and beyond pulled together to help us out and thank you doesn't cover it. We are humbled by the support and generosity of our tribal community and well beyond. Chi Miigwech.

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY