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Sugar Island Powwow and Gathering Niishtinaa-shi Naanan Enso Bboongag Ziisbaakwad Minising Jiingtamok
25th Annual Sugar Island Powwow and Gathering July 15‑17, 2022
July 15:
12 p.m. Spiritual Gathering
July 16:
1 p.m. Grand entry
5 p.m. Feast
7 p.m. Grand entry
July 17:
1 p.m. Grand entry

Hand drum contest
Sugar Island two-step contest

Head Veteran: Henry Boulley Jr.
Arena Director: Bud Biron
MCs: Josh Homminga and Shannon Martin
Head Female Dancer: Sonja Ballew
Head Male Dancer: Jefferson Ballew IV
Host Drum: Medicine Bear
Co-Host Drum: Bahweting Singers
Spiritual Advisor: Mick Frechette

Masks and social distancing highly encouraged.

Free and open to the public. No drugs, alcohol, politics or pets.
3 Mile Rd, Sugar Island. Follow signs from ferry.
Vendors on first-come, first-served basis.

Please message us on Facebook for more information www.facebook.com/sugarislandpowwow2/.

Sugar Island Powwow and Gathering

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY