Category: Homeownership

In 1996 the Sault Tribe purchased a 300 acre parcel of land located south of Three Mile Road just outside the city limits of Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The site is graced with wooded areas along the natural streams and wetlands, providing environmental diversity to the property. It had long been the desire of the Tribal leadership to offer the membership choices for living on trust land; choices that fit their income level and family size. The purchase and development of this land makes this dream a reality. The Sault Tribe Elders approved the name selected for the site. Odenaang (oh-day-nung) means "a place of many hearts."

The site is designed to accommodate approximately 170 homes when fully developed. The lots are approximately one acre. The first families moved into their new homes in 2002. Housing built three quad-plex elderly units for rental. These units have a garage and are furnished with a washer and dryer.

Tribal members have the opportunity to lease a lot and build their own home on Odenaang. There are 27 lots available for individual development. There are also permits and regulations that have to be followed according to Tribal Code.


For more information regarding this program,

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906‑495‑1450 or 800‑794‑4072