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This fund provides payment on various services for duly enrolled tribal members age 60-plus living in the United States and as certified by the Tribal Registrar. The fund provides assistance with partial payment for dentures, eye glasses and durable medical equipment as deemed "medically necessary" by a physician and compliant with Medicare standards. Elders must receive services from a Sault Tribe Health Center for certain items and insurances must always be billed first.

To obtain equipment or other health items:
- Obtain a prescription from the doctor for the equipment requested. Eldercare will not be able to provide reimbursement unless a doctor deems the equipment necessary.
- Contact the Elder Service Division. Equipment must be purchased by the elder at a pharmacy, medical equipment supply company or store of their choice. Elders will be reimbursed from the Elder Health Fund up to the dollar amount stated in the policy.
- Provide a receipt and the doctor's prescription or certificate of need to the Elder Service Division for reimbursement.
- Income guideline is 150% of the Federal Registry Poverty Guidelines, which are updated yearly.

If you have any questions, please call the Elder Service Division, 906‑635‑4971 or toll free, 888‑711‑7356.

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