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Kitchi Miniss Munising Annual Powwow

The annual Kitchi-Miniss Munising Powwow is on Aug. 11, Bay Furnace Campground, Munising, Mich. Grand entries at noon and 6 p.m. Community feast at 4 p.m.
Head staff:
Master of ceremonies, Joe Medicine.
Arena director, Glen Bressette Jr.
Head veteran, Bill Perry.
Head male dancer, T.J. Derwin.
Head female dancer, Molly Matson.
Fire keeper, Melvin Dunn.
Host drum, Medicine Bear.
Invited drums, Spirit Ridge, Mukwa Giizhik and Munising Bay Singers.

Drugs, alcohol, and dogs are not allowed.

Contact Kris LeVeque at 906‑387‑2368 or Jen Meyer at 906‑450‑5246 for general information; Katy Matson at 906‑202‑0026 for vendor information; and
Vicky Waldren at 906‑451‑4572 for feast information.

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Photo by Ken Bosma / CC BY